Alignment Service

What is an alignment?

Some issues that may indicate that you need an alignment are:

• Drifting to the left or right on a smooth, straight road.

• Abnormal thinning of thread tire.

• Loose steering wheel.

• vibration of steering wheel.

The importance of an alignment


• Improve Vehicle Safety

• Extend the life of your tires

• Smoother Driving

• Increase fuel efficiency

30 Second Free Alignment Check

Find out in less than 30sec if your car needs an alignment! It’s fast, easy, and

best of all, you never have to leave your car.



Step 1

Schedule your appointment.

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Step 2

When you arrive, a Mossy representative will guide

you to drive over the measurement readers.





Step 3

Review your easy-to-read printed results. A friendly

Mossy Advisor will help you understand what is

wrong and how to fix it.



Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

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These Readers use precise laser

reading... that not only measure your 

alignmnet but your tires as well.


Alignment results example

What happens if your vehicle needs an alignment


• Your time is important!

Your advisor will provide you with a time estimate. If time is longer than you want to wait,

we can order you a Lyft to take you home while we work.

• Once complete, your advisor will notify you and if needed, order your return ride.